Tides and Ridgelines are two separate programs for girls and boys, respectively, approaching the threshold of puberty and their parents/guardians. We believe it is important to prepare for and mark this transformational time. Parents/guardians and their children will begin and end each program together, but spend the majority of the time in separate activities. Youth spend time being outside in the woods learning skills like building a fire, while the adults support each other in their own circle. Each program culminates in an overnight experience with ritual to mark this passage.


Program Goals for Youth:

  • Cultivate sisterhood/brotherhood and relational skills such as listening,
    asking good questions, and thoughtful sharing

  • Establish a connection to the Earth and learn nature-based skills such as

  • Deepen understanding and connection to the body, with a special focus
    on the changes that come with puberty

  • Encourage a sense of wonder, curiosity, and imagination through games
    and spending time in the woods

  • Reflect on childhood and explore growing up

  • Awaken creativity through expressive arts such as song, dance, drawing,
    collage, and land art

Program Goals for Parents/Guardians:

  • Cultivate relationships and a support system with other parents/guardians and the program facilitator

  • Deepen relationship to themselves and their own passage from childhood into adolescence

  • Explore what it means to be a woman/man

  • Grieve the transition of one’s child from childhood to adolescence

  • Prepare parents/guardians for the changes their child will be going through

  • Discover what gets in the way of effectively parenting teenagers

Please reach out to Sarah Merfeld with any questions about Tides and Chris Wolf with any questions about Ridgelines.


A rites of passage program for girls ages 8-11 and their mothers and/or an important woman in their lives

Dates:​ 10/5, 10/8, 10/12

Overnight Retreat: Saturday, October 17th 5pm - Sunday, October 18th 10:30am

Time: 5-7pm

Cost: $200

Location: ​Springhouse Community School

Program Leaders: Sarah Merfeld and Carolyn Reilly


A rites of passage program for boys ages 10-13 and their fathers and/or an important man in their lives 

Dates:​ 10/6, 10/9, 10/13

Overnight Retreat: Friday, October 16th 5pm - Saturday, October 17th 10:30am

Time: 5-7pm

Cost: $200

Location: ​Springhouse Community School

Program Leaders: Chris Wolf and Ian Stabler


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