The Well Residency

A 9-month Program for Discernment, Soul-Study, and Culture Change Work

The Well Residency is for those seeking:

  • Discernment of your life’s purpose and the courage to pursue it

  • Tools to navigate what gets in the way of living into your purpose 

  • A rigorous, loving, and honest community for growth 


We believe that each of us is born into this world to serve a unique purpose. Adulthood is the time to do the hard work of discovering what that purpose is and how to commit to it. The Well Residency program is designed to guide individuals on this journey of self-discovery. 

At Springhouse, we do not view personal discovery and transformation as separate from education, but rather the essence of education. We see the self as the primary agent for cultural change. In this residency, you have the unique opportunity to do your own personal work while also being on the ground at a 7th-12th grade school. Through the structure of a school, whereby "school" we mean intergenerational learning community, we are creating new culture that is oriented around the life-giving values of connection, individuality, creativity, trust, integrity, and resiliency. We are fiercely dedicated to carrying out a mission to reimagine the purpose and practice of education and a vision where we seek to be a place of true belonging for all. Springhouse is ultimately a place where community is the crucible for learning and the place where transformation happens all in service to a healthier, more connected world. If you commit to this 9-month program, there is no question that you will experience transformation. Both working with teenagers and doing your own personal work in community is rigorous. 


Program Description: 
The program will follow a curricular arc throughout the year, with a specific focus for each trimester: 

1st Trimester
The Crucible: Diving into Springhouse Culture and Soul Study
The first trimester is an Immersion into the Springhouse Culture through spending 20 hours/week at the 7th-12th school and participating in Springhouse adult programming. Residents will be initiated into a loving, intergenerational, honest, and creative community that, by its very nature, burns away what no longer serves us so that we can more fully embody our purpose. 


2nd Trimester
Living Laboratory: Practice Leadership through Reimagining Education
Residents are invited to move from shadowing and participating in courses, to brainstorming ways that their unique gifts and interests serve a need for the Springhouse Community. This process serves to develop the leader and innovator within each of the residents and provides a testing ground to bring bold ideas to life. 

3rd Trimester
Follow Your Call: Reflecting and Visioning
The focus of the final trimester is on reflection on the resident’s time at Springhouse. Alongside mentors and peers, residents look back to where they were in the start of the program and where they are now. They will note what stories and strategies still limit how they show up in the world, as well as what gifts or messages they have received through deep self-study. 


Program Components:

  • Individual and Peer Mentoring

  • Study

  • Springhouse Adult Programs

  • Facilitated Group Work

  • 20 hours per week at the 7th-12th grade school


Dates: September 2020 - May 2021 (The residency will follow Springhouse Community School’s academic calendar)

Cost: $6,075 (Tuition discounts and payment plans are available. Please reach out to 

**Current Springhouse parents/guardians are not eligible for this program.

To apply, send a letter of intent to describing your interest in the program. Once received, we will contact you to set up an interview. Applications due August 1, 2020.

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