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we are invited to look at the stories we have writ large into our body, our breath, our minds, our spirits, our relations, and learn to revise (see anew).

The liminal spaces are often the most powerful sites of this work. This is a time of year when it is said that the veil between this world and the spirit world grows thin, but it also means a thinning of the false boundary between our conditioned/egoic patterning and our natural, more authentic self. It is, in other words, a time when the experience of separation and divisions blurs. In our exaggerated play of the UNreal, we illuminate the daily deceptions and delusions that keep us mired in old roles, habits, and reactions. We face what scares us the most and go willingly toward it. 

We put on the mask to take off the mask. 

We explore “otherness” to know Self.

Yogic scriptures have long taught us that the body is made of unresolved karmas—the echoes of these stories of thought, word, and action. Because they address the whole person (physical, energetic, emotional, psychological, spiritual), Yogic practices can be powerful ways to address and redress the underlying myths that determine how we experience our lives

Our weekend will invoke and call upon diverse wisdom traditions to guide and inspire our embodied story. Together we will explore which myths we are “living by,” how those stories are carried in our bodies, thoughts, and actions, and how to write our way to freedom and joy. Like all rites of passage, we will bring sacred inquiry into our practices of yoga (including asana, meditation, pranayama, bhakti, and kriya), organic movement, song, story-telling, mask making, and more. We will savor solitude and silence, partner/small-group activities, and collective/communal experiences to support reflection and expression. Reading and writing your life from these transformative perspectives, you will leave with a better sense of “your” myth

If you are willing to re-vision yourself, then join us for this magical weekend of revision, restoration, and reawakening.

Dates:​ Friday, November 1st - Sunday, November 3rd

Time: Friday 7-9pm; Saturday 9am-3pm (lunch included); Sunday 9am-12pm

Cost: $242**

Location: Studio 221 Yoga, Wellness, & Community

**Payment plans and lodging may be available upon request.


Through the Veil

Rewriting Embodied Myths: A Yogic (W)rite of Passage

with Jessica Patterson, M.A., E-RYT 500, C-IAYT


According to Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung once asked, “What myth am I living by?” And when Jung realized that he did not know, he wrote, "I took it upon myself to get to know ‘my’ myth, and I regarded this as the task of tasks."

We all are the embodiment of the stories we collectively, individually, unconsciously, and consciously tell through our thoughts, words, and actions. While some myths empower us to access and tap into hidden or unknown aspects of our whole selves, we often cling to and hide behind the masks of faulty, self-limiting stories. Whether we are exploring the internalized myth of not being good enough or the myth of being successful,

About the Instructor

Jessica Patterson

M.A., E-RYT 500, C-IAYT


Jessica Patterson has been practicing and discovering yoga for more than 22 years, during which time she has had the great privilege of exploring many methods, approaches and teachers. Her formal training as a teacher began with a 200-hour program in Colorado Springs. As her own yoga practice deepened, so too did her understanding of its profound transformative and regenerative power. She sought out more and more opportunities to learn and grow as both practitioner and teacher, pursuing training with diverse teachers across lineage and tradition.

Her dedication and commitment to nonviolence and an ecology-centered ethos led her to advance her training as the only Certified Jivamukti Teacher in Colorado Springs and a 500-hour E-RYT with Yoga Alliance.

While her Jivamukti roots run deep, Jessica has also broadened and deepened her education and counts Mark Whitwell among her most formative teachers. Under Mark’s gentle guidance, Jessica has reconnected with (and remembered) the heart of yoga as “the direct participation with life — as life itself.” She teaches yoga as a technology/practice that facilitates the re-cognition (and embodiment) of oneSelf as divine expression — whole and complete, missing nothing.

Ever the student, Jessica returned to New York City in 2012 to join one of her first yoga teachers and mentors, Alanna Kaivalya, for the inaugural 200-hour training of the Kaivalya Yoga Method. Most recently, Jessica completed her certification as a Yoga Therapist through the Inner Peace Yoga Therapy program in 2013, and has co-facilitated the Austin and Asheville programs as contributing faculty. Her work as a Yoga Therapist complements and expands what she is able to offer individuals and groups. Jessica continues joyfully to delve deeper into her own practice through annual immersions and master classes, Yoga Sutra, Sanskrit studies, and to workshops with beloved and inspiring teachers across many, many wisdom traditions.

As founder and director of the 6-month, 200+ hour RootEd Apprenticeship & Teacher Training Program, Jessica leads small intimate groups of students more deeply into the embodied experience of yoga. And this winter, she opened Root: Center for Yoga and Sacred Studies, a Colorado Springs-based sanctuary for the community that has inspired her work all of these years. The new center will be a home for her public classes, workshops, mentoring program, as well as the forthcoming Sadhaka Sessions (intensive learning modules for those who seek deeper study outside of “teacher” trainings). Whether working with individuals one-on-one through Off the Mat/Sadhana Guidance or Mentoring programs, teaching public classes, or immersing in more intensive offerings, Jessica is committed to sharing Yoga as an empowering technology relevant to our modern lives. Making it “real” is what it’s all about.

She is dedicated to the intensive spirit of workshops and retreats throughout Colorado and other locales (most recently Hawaii’s Big Island), specializing in the revision of inner myths, the elements of being, and rites of passage. She has served as a faculty member/guest teacher for various teacher-training programs, including Lahiri School of Yoga (North Carolina), Yoga Durango, cambio Yoga, Spirit of the Lake Yoga, and Corepower Yoga, and Yoga Loft. She has taught nationally and internationally, and is currently designing immersion projects that emphasize inner pilgrimage.

With an M.A. in English and as a graduate of the renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the Nutrition Therapy Institute, Jessica weaves together her diverse passions as a teacher, writer, nutrition therapist, and integrative consultant to emphasize integration and wholeness in all she does. Her forthcoming book is a grounded and personal exploration of how yogic teachings can help ordinary, everyday people navigate life’s ups and downs (from divorces and deaths to financial uncertainty and health diagnoses). The book comes directly from her own experience as a student and teacher of yoga.

Jessica believes that the ultimate purpose of yoga is to remember and embody who and what we really are and to recognize that as whole and holy. The goal of her teaching is to help students free themselves from limiting thoughts and ideas. And that is the sole focus of her classes and the new Root Center for Yoga & Sacred Studies. Jessica’s dedication to and respect for all these practices have enabled her to infuse her teaching with deeply spiritual, physically rigorous, and truly uplifting classes that seek to liberate and bring joy to each student.

Registration Deadline: Friday, October 18th

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