Heart-Centered Education

- Written by Tamra Billand, Springhouse Parent -

The current model of education, heavily influenced by the industrial revolution, "has been a practice of standardized conformity that molds kids into shapes that do not reflect the bright star in their heart,” expresses Vince Gowmon. Shonagh Home says, "Our State-run Prussian education system, which is worldwide, is designed to shut down imagination and creative genius, to produce a predicable and compliant populace.” It is time to envision something different than the status quo, something more imaginative and whole that facilitates the subtleties of the heart.

Education at Springhouse Community School fosters an AWAKENING of the student through a heart-centered approach. The pure essence of each student seems to be recognized, supported, encouraged, and ALLOWED to develop in a wholesome and healing way. Each student is seen as a soul with unique gifts and inherent strengths that contribute to the greater community. They are encouraged to explore what they are deeply drawn to and helped to remember why they are here, which is so truly unique and individual.

Perhaps, education of this caliber could lead one to the discovery of their true vocation, their life’s calling. Ultimately, we can experience through life a genuine fulfillment and a connectedness of our heart’s knowing. It is a sacred journey and one that is greatly needed in today’s divisive and chaotic world. It begins with nurturing the creative spirit of children, where space is held for their delicate and luminous unfolding.

Springhouse Community School is courageously re-imagining education! Some observations as a parent are the following:

- The teacher/student ratio allows for individualized attention for each student.

- The weekly one-on-one mentoring sessions provide self-reflection and help to build awareness around the student's ability to set and follow through with appropriate goals

- A holistic approach is engaged where all classes, discussions, internships, projects, mentorships, field trips, and experience weeks are tied together for a more integrated learning experience rather than linear rote separation of subjects. Learning becomes more relevant this way and students are encouraged to explore areas of passion.

- Movement is essential as well as hand-on experiential learning.

- Regular immersion in nature fosters sacred connectedness and actually calibrates the nervous system in a harmonious way.

- Internships allow students to gain valuable experience in their field of interest and strengthen their place within the community.

To conclude, it’s important to honor the dedicated group of educators at Springhouse for their personal work in self-development. By pursuing a path of ongoing deep internal exploration, their heart flames burn bright, which is an invaluable gift to the young people they work with.

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” -Aristotle

Published on October 15, 2018

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