Adrian Green: Post-Graduation Story

Adrian is the first graduate of Springhouse Community School. Since his graduation, Adrian has been on an adventure - one of service, travel, and self-exploration. After leaving Springhouse, Adrian knew that he wanted to continue to learn. He also possessed the skills he needed to create meaningful learning experiences for himself after high school.

After graduation, Adrian entered the gap year program, Carpe Diem, where he spent a semester in Cuba, learning Spanish, being of service, and practicing leadership skills in his learning community. After Cuba, Adrian worked to support himself and also began classes at a 2-year college, thinking that he would later transfer to a 4-year college. He thought that this might help him get clear about his next steps in life. He ultimately learned that for him, college “was not the miracle cure for having a lack in a sense of direction.” He found that learning Spanish in an immersive way, where he could also be of service, worked best for him. He said, “I want to experience the world and also put energy into work I feel passionate about.”

Adrian went on to work with AmeriCorps and worked mostly in Puerto Rico and Florida providing disaster relief for communities in need. He said this program provided needed structure, while also giving him freedom to continue to hone the skill of self-direction. Adrian then spent a month traveling with his parents around the country offering community building workshops through singing. He then signed onto a program, All Hands and Hearts, working to rebuild schools in Mexico after the earthquake. There, he was able to work on his Spanish-speaking skills while serving others.

After all of this learning, traveling, and service work, Adrian shared, “Once you do something, the mystery and fear fades away, that can’t happen any other way than doing it.” With the pandemic, Adrian returned from Mexico and is currently working for a local business in his hometown while also working with FEMA, doing disaster relief work where it is needed. He is working on a Teaching English as a Second Language certificate, hoping to return to live, learn, and serve in Mexico after this current health crisis changes.

What did Adrian take from Springhouse?

“I am an adult. I am an independent piece of the universe. I can do what I want to do.” He learned he can create his life and use his gifts and passion to be of service to the world. He said learning how to communicate is one of the most important things he learned at Springhouse – particularly the areas of listening to other perspectives, practicing empathy, and working on clear and effective communication. He also said that he learned how to be truly creative by practicing an experimentation mindset and getting more comfortable with failure. He said he saw people every day at Springhouse innovating and navigating all that goes along with that.

We are so proud of you, Adrian, and grateful that you are a part of the Springhouse community!

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