A Note from the Head of School

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” ~ Nelson Mandela
“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.” ~ Buckminster Fuller

Dear Springhouse community,

I hope this finds you well as we enter the year 2020. The new year is traditionally a time for resolutions, where we commit to making new choices with the hope that they will lead to healthier and more fulfilling lives. The turning of a new year empowers us to think about the choices we are making, and reminds us of the agency we have to make those choices.

What a choice is rooted in or supports, matters more, I think, than the choice itself. Choices rooted in fear and control create something very different than those oriented around trust and vitality. Though challenging, choosing life and connection amidst difficulty, oppression, and stagnation is possible.

When choosing to build something new, great attention, commitment, and courage are required. Everyday at Springhouse we are making conscious choices to reimagine education; we are choosing very consciously to support connection, vitality, courage, and awareness in the context of a learning environment or a school.

What are the choices that we make to reimagine education?

  • We choose to have bold conversations like this one, and this one, that invite us to be courageous, humble, and aware.

  • We choose to take trips like this one, that build our connection to place and community while strengthening resiliency.

  • We choose to “walk the talk” as leaders and mentors by spending at least five hours of intentional time a week to deepen our connection to each other and our mission.

  • We choose not to assess learning with grades, but to encourage internal motivation through a competency- and community-based evaluative process created by the Springhouse core staff, but connected to a national competency-based network.

  • We choose to empower our learners to make their own choices–whether that is through an apprenticeship like this one or learning about their gifts and interests in this way

  • We choose to orient our curricular structure around wholeness by not siloing our subjects (yes, including math), but by offering wildly engaging learning experiences like this one.

  • And we know that learning is a lifelong endeavor, so we don’t only offer programs for adolescents, but for adults too, like this one.

It’s hard to stop there. I’d love to tell you about the choices we make everyday that bring us alive as a learning community. If you are curious, please come by for a visit or give us a call. We’d love to share with you the choices we are making at Springhouse because we are proud of, and inspired by them.

Finally, I am excited to tell you that we are beginning to explore ways to share the magic of Springhouse beyond our local community. Watch for more news on that in the coming months! Until then, I invite us all to make choices that bring us alive and connect us more deeply to ourselves, each other, and this planet.

With deep gratitude,


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