An Experience Week Trip


Every year Springhouse takes several experience week trips. We went on three trips this year. They are always to different places. We take these trips to learn real-world skills and to bond as a school. For our first trip of the year, we went to Mountain Lake in Giles County, Virginia.


During our time at Mountain Lake, we went whitewater rafting down the New River.

We paddled from class one to class four rapids. I went down a class one rapid when I wasn't in a raft just for fun. We made a pit stop near a cliff side. Some of us got out of the raft and climbed some rocks to get to the top of the cliff. After we got to the top of the cliff we waited in a line of nervous and excited students hoping to jump off the cliff and land in the river. I had an opportunity to do something dangerous, so I took it and leaped.


The next day we went down a mile-long cave. The cave was incredibly muddy and slippery. Inside we saw an underground pond. There was a good amount of water at the bottom of the cave. We saw stalactites and stalagmites everywhere. They were different sizes. We crawled through a narrow hole which took a lot of effort. There were some parts of the cave that you could stand up straight in. Who knew all that was down there!


The rafting was my favorite part of the trip but I liked all of it. I hope I get to do more fun trips like this one, but maybe without the mud.


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