My Independent Project at Springhouse: Creating a Street/Skate Wear Clothing Brand

One of my classes at Springhouse is Independent Project Studio. Springhouse is a project-based school, so kids have the freedom to pursue their passions. Some examples of student projects are photography, making pottery, dancing with aerial silks, and my own project: Creating a Street/Skate Wear Clothing Brand.

My friend Ben and I are working on this clothing brand together. We design artwork and text to go onto tee shirts, and then we sell them. We came up with the name Masked and Dangerous, which is abbreviated as M.A.D. The brand is meant for teens and young adults who like fashion and streetwear. In the future, we will drop two releases of various items of clothing a year - one for spring/summer and one for fall/winter - so that we can focus on clothing for that certain time of the year. We will not be restocking any of our products. Once they are sold out, they are never coming back into stock. We do this to make our products more rare and special. We should be releasing our first line of clothing in April of 2018.

We would not have been able to make this project nor would I have gotten this far without the support from Springhouse. In our project class, my teacher Jenny Finn holds me accountable but also gives me freedom, which allows me to work at my own pace. I've felt supported by Springhouse throughout my years here.

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