What is Ridgelines?


Hello my name is Ben Pierce, and I'm a 9th grade student at Springhouse Community School. Ridgelines is a program at Springhouse to engage boys and provide them with guidance from young adults who are not their parents or teachers. It's a safe space to talk about their concerns and work through them and grow. It’s a program to find what is true, to challenge boys and ask them to take on responsibility, to develop boys into men that are strong, loving, respectful, creative, independent, and courageous.


In Ridgelines we built a shelter down by the river at Spikenard Bee Sanctuary. We started by clearing the area with machetes and weed eaters. After that, we dug post holes and we cut a tree down to use for posts. We then split the giant tree into four pieces using mauls and sledge hammers. After we were done splitting the log we set the posts in the holes. For the roof we went into a cow pasture and scavenged roofing from old barns. The last step was to put the roofing up. Once we were done building the structure we celebrated by eating cake under our shelter. The shelter turned out really awesome and I am very proud of me and my friends for building it.


In Ridgelines we reflect and share with each other by discussing questions each week. The questions are about growing up and becoming a man. Here are some of the questions we've talked about so far: Why are you here? What's changing? What responsibilities do you have? What responsibilities do you avoid? How do you be a good partner in friendship, romance and to the earth? What's important in a home?


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