Courageous Conversations

At Springhouse Community School we have a class called Courageous Conversations, which focuses on race, racism, and white privilege. As a part of this class we recently went on a trip to Charleston, South Carolina. On the Thursday night of the trip we slept in slave cabins at The Magnolia Plantation. Before sleeping in the cabins we spent several hours sitting by a campfire talking about racism.

This conversation was extremely powerful to me. I was one of three students who stayed for the entire conversation. We were up till close to one in the morning. Having the chance to discuss white privilege and racism with a group of African Americans was


eye opening for me. We were able to have an open conversation and hear everyone’s side of their experiences.

As soon as I got home from the school trip I sat down with one of my best friends, who is African American. I told him about the conversation we had that night, and then we were able to have an open conversation about it. This experience has sparked something inside of me and now is the time for us to openly talk about racism. I will continue to ask questions and have these intense conversations. It is the only way to change our culture.

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