Much More Than Just a School


Springhouse Community School was everything I had hoped it would be for my daughters, plus so much more.  A school, a community, a way of being, and a place to grow and heal together.


When my daughters and I came to Springhouse Community School, we were tattered and torn. We had just been through the trauma of losing my husband, their father, to prostate cancer. Up until that point, we had homeschooled for eight years and it was time for a change.  Public school was not a viable option for us.


Just when we needed it the most, this school opened its doors and it felt like a gift from heaven.  Not only was this a school where my daughters could be themselves and follow their learning passions, but it was also a community in which we could grow and heal together.  My elder daughter Rachel went to school there for one year and Camille, my younger daughter, went to school there for four years and graduated in May 2017.


For four years, Springhouse was a safe, loving and supportive environment in which Camille found her wings, learned to fly, and eventually soared with grace and beauty.   She entered the school fragmented and came out whole. She went in a child and came out a young woman with wisdom beyond her years holding tools to help her survive and thrive.


Navigating the teen years was not a “Tiptoe Through the Tulips.” It was a wild and crazy ride of emotions, miscommunication, arguments, tears, makeup hugs, and apologies. Springhouse helped give us the tools we needed to grow together in our mother-daughter relationship and I am a much better parent for it.  I can't say enough about what mindfulness has done for my family.


As an educator myself, I believe in the merits of project-based learning. The future of our educational system will look nothing like the current model and project-based education is helping lead the way to a positive change in this country.  The junior and senior year projects that Camille worked on helped her to take her education to a whole new level. She was in charge of her education from start to finish and the mentors and teachers she had along the way could not have been better.


As a single parent struggling financially, I could not have paid for four years of tuition without the help of the school’s scholarship fund.  That too was a gift from heaven. I knew in my heart and soul that this was the school for my daughter. The universe heard my call and rest is history.


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