Project-Based Learning at Springhouse


Springhouse Community School fosters emotional well being, stability, and confidence in students through a teaching methodology that promotes learning by doing. Project-Based Learning empowers students to learn through making projects that may combine language arts, math, science, history, and research skills. These projects will often apply to solving real world challenges and culminate with the student having to share their projects to a public audience. It is an innovative approach that is fun, engaging, and sparks a lifelong passion and love for learning. 


Students are encouraged to creatively collaborate with each other and to reach out into the community for mentorship on projects they are genuinely interested in. They are building relationships in a supportive environment and gaining experience that will most certainly carry them into the future. They are learning how to think critically and how to effectively communicate through “hands on” experience. At Springhouse, the students and teachers celebrate both successes and failures. 


My 14-year-old daughter is attending Springhouse Community School for the second year, and she thrives in such a beautiful, loving, and wholesome way. She is excited everyday for school and seems wholeheartedly engaged in participation. Most importantly, the deeply committed and dedicated staff at Springhouse is invested in the emotional well being of each student. This is fostered through supportive means like weekly dancing, strong mentorship bonds, experience week trips, and true presence for each other. Being a teenager can be tumultuous, and I feel that my daughter, as a student at Springhouse, is given a safe environment to explore and express her true nature with heart wide open while expanding the mind. 

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