Invitations for Presence: Reflections on the Well Program at Springhouse

This past term of The Well program was my first immersion in the Springhouse community. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for this journey we shared and the many opportunities we had for emotions to be looked at and tenderly held, to sit and whisper our heart’s desire to the land, and to dance in our wildness. I was invited to show up in our circle each week in ways that were sometimes new and different, and always insightful once surrendered to. The invitations to explore different aspects of my awareness and to share my personal experience with a group of warm hearts and open ears holding space for this exploration brought me into a vulnerable place each time we came together. This practice of showing up each week was an incredible way to explore what that meant to do so in other areas of my life. It was so sweet to have a space in which each of us had the opportunity to be seen and heard, sometimes sitting in silence until the words were found to share what was on our hearts. There was space for affirmations and further questions to be asked, prompting deeper reflection and providing support during times of doubt and wonder. 

There was a period during the program when I was shown a deep fear. One that I didn’t fully realize I had. In the past, I had always coated it with some reassuring qualities so that I didn’t have to look at how vulnerable and afraid it made me feel when being washed over by it. Having space to talk to this fear and the different aspects of it allowed me to step into it and own it in an empowering way. I called on my mentors who listened deeply and saw me in my fear and in my power. 

This openness and eagerness to offer up love and support is creating incredible bonds in this community. It has been amazing to watch these play out amongst my friends and mentors at Springhouse and to experience them for myself. Many thanks to Springhouse for holding sacred space and to each individual who shows up with an open heart and the desire to discover what it means to live to our highest potential.

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