Why I Would Choose Springhouse Community School

November 27, 2017

I am a Board member for Springhouse Community School and I am often two questions.  First, why did I agree to serve on Springhouse’s Board.  Second, why would parents choose to send their high schooler to Springhouse.  I’ll share my answers to each question here.

Why did I agree to serve on Springhouse’s Board?  Quite simply, because I am impressed by the thoughtfulness, integrity, and vision of Springhouse’s leaders. Kim O’Donnell, the Chair of the Board, is a remarkable woman with a strong commitment to serving and providing leadership for non-profit organizations which enhance our community.  The Head of the School, Ezekiel Fugate, and the Dean of Students, Jenny Finn, are dedicated to their shared vision of hands-on, project-based, meaningful learning which promotes maturation of the entire student.  These three leaders inspire Springhouse’s teachers and students alike.

Why would parents choose to send their high schoolers to Springhouse?  The powerful vision for Springhouse’s project-based learning is embraced by all of the teachers at Springhouse.  In my limited time with the Springhouse community, it is clear that students are engaged and work closely with their teachers.  Springhouse is truly a learning community, not a hierarchical organization which focuses on transmitting a rigid curriculum.  Any students today will be graduating into a world which will offer challenges which we adults cannot imagine today.  The greatest gift we can give to any young person is the ability to take on the challenge of whatever projects, assignments, and endeavors arise in their future.  I believe the Springhouse teachers and students are working together and accomplishing this… and, if I were choosing a high school today, that would persuade me to choose Springhouse.

— Christine Stinson, Board Treasurer and Professor at Ferrum College 



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