Taking Risks and Growing: Words from Jack, an 11th Grade Student at Springhouse

Hi, my name is Jack Walker and I am a junior here at Springhouse Community School. When I first arrived here I would not have taken any risks and I would have most likely sat back and observed. However, since I have been here, I have learned to take risks and do things that I would have been afraid to do when I was first here. For instance whitewater rafting is something that I would have never thought about doing. I did it on our Experience Week trip on the New River and enjoyed it. I have also learned to be more open while at Springhouse and talk about things that seem private to me. This year, I actually read a poem that I wrote about my imagination, which is something that I probably would have never done even if I really wanted. Springhouse has changed the way I think and is helping me grow into young adulthood slowly (although it could just be me that is growing slowly). 



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