A Graduate's Perspective

When writing this speech I found myself struggling to find words to express my feelings about moving forward and looking back. I’m not exactly sure what life will look like once I part ways with the container that is Springhouse Community School. Most of my memories stem from the experiences and growth I have had inside this community. Springhouse isn’t a place you can go and hide from what is real for you, Springhouse is a place where you can find support, guidance, community, and, as is often the case, a push towards what you are scared of, and a push towards showing up more fully and authentically in the world. For me, Springhouse was, and continues to be, a place where you go to explore and open, delve deeper and reach higher, a place to find your own ground and leave behind masks.

Springhouse has been a place that has held me, but has never held me back. It has been the kick in the butt that I often needed to remind me what I’m capable of, and also the grounded reality check when I started to lose myself in the other direction. Being here has showed me a different way of being and showing up in the world, and it has opened me up to parts of myself that used to terrify me, but that I am now ready to embrace, with curiosity and love. When I was younger, maybe even just last year, the future terrified me. It really did. I didn’t know how I was going to exist once I became an “adult”. I was terrified to walk into the world and lose myself completely, in the day to day existence of a humanity that’s losing touch with itself. But, somehow, I don’t feel like that now. Springhouse has shown me that, if you really work for something, you truly can be the change you want to see in the world, and the tools that I have found here are ones that I will carry with me for the rest of my life, no matter the path I follow. And if there’s one piece of advice that I can give to those staying at Springhouse, it is this: Don’t take it for granted.

Recently, I have heard people say that they’re excited to see what I will do next, and, now, I finally feel like I can say: I am too.



Camille Terrill graduated from Springhouse Community School in May 2017. She now lives in Binghamton, NY.  We wish her the very best and send heaps of love with her as she goes!

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