Sacred Wound

There is a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in.

~ Leonard Cohen

Surely being wounded is part of what it means to be human. We cannot live very long without experiencing some hurt or betrayal. As we begin shadow work and cultivate more self-awareness, we can uncover a trauma so deep that much of our behavior is in reaction to it: our core wound. Sometimes this wound is right below the surface and it is readily identified, but often the process of uncovering takes more wandering through dark corridors of the castle of the Self, trying keys in the locks of long neglected rooms. Many of these wounds have their origins in our childhood, often not so much a single event but rather a painful pattern. Even in the most golden childhood, because we are human, wounding occurs. 

By exploring and understanding our core wound, we can discover its sacredness. A sacred wound opens us up so that we might go deeper, and, through our brokenness, our soul might reveal itself. Our wounds are intimately connected to our gifts, to our purpose and destiny. This exploration can be painful, but by surrendering to the fear and grief we can be torn open, dying to a small story, an old way of being, and birthing a larger soul-story. 

This work takes courage and patience. We allow suffering, neither indulging nor repressing pain. Just as with a broken bone, pain can tell us that something needs our attention, and we have a duty to then transform it, lest we transmit it. Richard Rohr says here, “Either you transform pain within yourself or it is always an outflowing wound. You are transformed when you can refuse to project your anxieties elsewhere, and learn to hold and forgive them within yourself.” In staying present to this pain, we get a little closer to the truth at the center of the image we were born with. To learn more about this powerful doorway, email Dr. Jenny Finn.

Exploring Brokenness through Movement and Mosaics

“Wholeness does not mean perfection; it means embracing brokenness as an integral part of life” ~Parker Palmer

“The pain, it will leave once it has finished teaching you.” ~Pavana 

Often in cultivating our spiritual lives, we can start to seek perfection in ways that do not honor our humanness–the grief, turbulence, anger, or more difficult experiences that come with being a human. In this retreat, we will explore places within and in our lives that feel broken. Through group sharing, song, movement, and mosaic, we will explore what it means to be a whole human being. We will practice being hospitable, and even loving, to the painful places within us. It is this unconditional love that can widen the ground the we stand on to include the more difficult experiences of our lives. When we do this, our pain becomes a gift to others through the compassion and empathy we can now offer.


Dates:​ March 29th - 31st

Time: Friday 7pm-9pm; Saturday 10am-6pm;  Sunday 9-12pm

Cost: $295 (meals included; inquire about lodging)

Location: ​Floyd Center of the Arts, Falcon Gallery


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