Sing O Muse

- Written by David Reece, Springhouse Faculty and Boatbuilder - I wrote the following silliness as a kind of invocation ceremony for the launching of our school boat. I can't resist an opportunity to be goofy in public. Most of the language in this is inspired by the opening scene of the Odyssey, with a little bit of the alliteration of Anglo Saxon epic poetry thrown in for fun. Enjoy. Sing, O Muse, of the hapless, drifting mariner who, wayless, washed upon the kind-hearted shores of the fair island of Springhouse. Sing of the high priestess of that island, servant of clear-eyed Athena, who did take him in, foster him, and raise him up to carry out the will of the immortal gods: that the you

#SpringhouseStories: A Learner's Tale

- Written by Tatiana Alba, Springhouse Learner - Once upon a time, there was an 11-year-old girl who lived in Kansas City named Tati. Tati had been home-schooled with self-led learning her whole life but longed for more. For years, she wanted to go to school, but there were no schools around her that understood that her worth wasn’t in a test score and would give her the autonomy over her learning that she experienced while being home-schooled. She unwillingly had to accept that she likely would not be able to find a school that would fit her educational and developmental needs. Years past, and her mother graduated from chiropractic school, and she and her family were headed to the Blue Ridg

#SpringhouseStories: A Young Adult's Story

- Written by Liz Richardson, Springhouse Board Member and Adult Programming Participant - Once upon a time there was a girl born on the salty shores of Virginia’s coast, who was taught to follow the straight and narrow path with a set of black and white rules. Everyday, she was confounded by the paradox in which the rules didn’t seem to apply equitably. This angered and confused her. She asked big questions but was shut down and told to not rock the boat. She wondered, “how can the world be so awe-strikingly beautiful and yet so brutally unfair?” One day, she left home to attend college. There, she was able to explore diverse corners of the world and herself. This led to an expansion of her

#SpringhouseStories: A Parent's Tale

- Written by Cassie Pierce, Springhouse Parent - Once upon a time, there was a young woman who met a young man and knew right away he was The One. Every day, they spent hours and hours talking and listening to music and going to concerts and hanging out with friends. One day, in front of family and friends, they promised each other their lives would always remain connected. Because of that, two wild and wonderful new people were created. Because of that, they promised to show those new members of their tribe what love looks like and always try to find ways to seek connection and joy. Until finally, they found themselves part of a bigger tribe in Floyd, VA and part of the Springhouse family w

For the Love of Springhouse

- Written by Andy Finn, Springhouse Adult Programming Participant - I’m a current Springhouse spouse, volunteer, adult programming participant, and frequent drop-in visitor for lunch. I love many things about Springhouse. First and foremost is the wholistic and organic approach they are taking towards educating the young people there. I never cease to be amazed at the creativity I witness when I visit, and the fact that it is embraced and encouraged. Spontaneous music at lunch time, boat building, art on the walls, dancing, and FUN. Education and learning while having fun! I love the commitment I see within each staff member. I’ve seen situations that many adults would walk away from or ju

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