Creating a Clothing Business: My Internship Project

- Written by Skyler Locke, Springhouse Learner - One of the amazing opportunities I am given at Springhouse is the ability to have internships. I am currently interning at Crenshaw Lighting and Red Rooster Coffee. To earn academic credit for these internships, I needed to create a project that related to them. Since they are both successful businesses, I decided to do a project on creating a business. My business is a high-end clothing design/manufacturing brand founded by my peer and friend, Ben Pierce, and myself. I did this project because of my passion for style and creativity; being able to create and design something for others is an amazing feeling. To start the process, I began by wr

The Gift of Springhouse

- Written by Jenna Bowman, Springhouse Adult Programming Participant - Springhouse has been a surprising and uplifting gift in my life. I met and experienced Springhouse in late summer of 2018 at an all-day Sacred Dance Retreat. Later, I invited some friends, and the five of us from Raleigh, NC piled in a sedan to travel to the great land of Floyd to dive into The Well Retreat. The time, guidance, and love that goes into preparing material for someone else’s spiritual/self-journey is devotion to making this world a better place, and that is what this community does. I have been blessed and honored by all the dedication the staff, facilitators, and volunteers put into helping others. This org

Every Tree Needs a Forest

- Written by Ayla Mullen, Springhouse Faculty and Adult Programming Participant - In The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate-- Discoveries from A Secret World, Peter Wollheben describes the hidden networks of communication, connection, and mutual support which carry messages, nutrients, and energy-giving sugars between trees in a healthy, undisturbed forest ecosystem. The root systems of the trees are interwoven underground, and recent studies have uncovered the way the forest will support a sick or injured tree to aid its recovery, or spread warnings to defend against insect attacks. Commercially planted forests lack this web of direct interconnection, and their resil

You’re Never Too Old For A Mentor

-Written by Heather Krantz, Springhouse Parent and Adult Programming Participant- My name is Heather, and I am a Springhouse Community School parent, board member, and student. I have had the great privilege of having many important mentors in my life over the years and continue to have many today. The fact that mentorship is such an important part of Springhouse is something that keeps me coming back again and again to participate in the adult classes. It also continues to assure me as a parent that we’ve made the right educational decision for our son. I am an old-time banjo player and have been taught to play traditional music from the area by Mac Traynham and others for about 8 years now

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