This Way to Fresh Water

-Written by Hayley Dodd, Springhouse Adult Programming Participant- When I first found Springhouse, I was deeply lost. Soul-level lost. And too numbed by long-ingrained habits to even realize how far from myself I’d strayed. But I showed up one dark winter night for Jenny Finn’s Shadow course for adults. And the shell I’d been hiding in, began to crack. Here, I found a loving group of peers all committed to self-discovery, growth, finding and living in authentic meaning and purpose. This was definitely not an environment I was accustomed to. Being among them was like recognizing something in myself I’d lost long ago. Funny how I found such a community of truth-seekers, all while studying and

The SparkHouse Experience

- Written by Anna Grace Williams, Springhouse Learner - The following article has been submitted for publication in the Floyd Press. According to Education Reimagined, a national network of schools dedicated to transforming education in the U.S., “SparkHouse is a national community of young leaders from learner-centered environments who are committed to transforming education in the United States. Acting as powerful advocates and leaders in the learner-centered movement, these learners are a driving force in the national education conversation.” On November 14, 2018, Springhouse Community School, an independent learner-centered environment that supports 7th through 12th grade students to dis

Springhouse's New Winter Theater Series

- Written by Carolyn Reilly, Springhouse parent and adult programming participant - Parents of students attending Springhouse Community School have developed a creative way to raise funds, support, and awareness for the local school. Launching the Winter Theater Series, events held on the third Friday of each Winter month in the Community Room at the Floyd Center for the Arts, has been motivated by their love of music and community. We believe that organizing consistent, monthly events during the winter months gives locals and others from surrounding communities the chance to connect with each other while enjoying great live performances and supporting a small school with a big heart and ide

Dance at Springhouse: An Invitation

- Written by Carolyn Reilly, Springhouse parent and adult programming participant - On Friday, January 4th, my mother celebrated her 71st birthday. And just a week prior, December 28, 2018, my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Reflecting on these milestones and the past holiday season brings a smile to my face and deep gratitude for family. On New Years Eve, we all went out to hear live music. I wanted to go dance, and what a great time I had! What really made it special, was seeing my parents get up and dance, too. It was such a joy to see their 70+ year old bodies moving together on the dance floor. I'm so grateful for dance. The Sacred Dance class through Springhouse Comm

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