A Rarity

- Written by Emma Wyman, Springhouse Adult Programming Participant - I first became part of the Springhouse community last winter as a participant in The Well young adult program, and I have also been attending Sacred Dance series and retreats for all of 2018. Having lived a good portion of my adult life within Zen Buddhist monastic communities, I know what it is to uphold a culture of spiritual connection with my peers, coworkers, and neighbors; I also know how rare such culture is in our world. Since becoming involved in Springhouse, a sense of spiritual ground has returned, stemming from that culture of deep authentic connection to community, nature, and self. I believe the growth, streng

Student Internships: Part 2

- Written by Anna Grace Williams, Springhouse Learner - Julian a thirteen-year-old, eighth-grade student is doing something different for his internship. Inspired by Chris Wolf's, Dean of Students, all-school sing offering, he is collaborating with another Springhouse student on arranging shape note singing events in the community and possibly local prisons. In addition, he is creating a monthly Springhouse Restorative Justice Committee schedule and researching restorative justice systems in schools and prisons to help design a draft for Springhouse’s own Restorative Justice Committee policy. Julian said the reason he chose such responsibilities for his internship was because “it is a very g

Student Internships: Part 1

- Written by Anna Grace Williams, Springhouse Learner - In one of the recent blog posts, I introduced the Community Internship Program. This time around, I will be introducing two students and giving an overview of what they are learning and experiencing in their internships. Lotus Billand, a ninth grader at Springhouse, interns at Blue Mountain School. She has a tender heart for the pre-k through seventh grade students and enjoys being their companion and confidante. Lotus says that “I have learned to have compassion and to love the kids for who they are. I am learning to understand how the teachers deal with conflict. I am learning about the developmental stages that all kids go through. I

Raising Teens: Being Seen

- Written by Carolyn Reilly, Springhouse Parent - My husband and I have been taking the “Raising Teens” class offered through Springhouse Community School. As a family, we’re in the midst of much transition and some unknowns in our lives and, because of this, I feel we are learning to relate to our three teenage children. Navigating the difficulty of adolescence and maturation can be overwhelming and full of doubt and questions. Through the class we’re taking, we’re learning about MIT’s research and how the Raising Teens Project has “identified 10 critical developmental tasks that teenagers need to undertake to make a successful transition to adulthood.” These tasks are not easy, and they’re

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