Introducing the Community Internship Program

- Written by Anna Grace Williams, Springhouse Learner - This year, Springhouse Community School is offering a program in which all students are interning with a local business or a community member in a field of work which they are interested in or inspired by. The idea behind the Community Internship Program is not only to help the students connect to their community but also to offer new opportunities that they may not have had otherwise. The program is rewarding in the sense that the students will experience the realities of the working world and see if they actually want to pursue their placement as a future career. They realize the workload and see what it is like to work in such an env

A Brighter Future of Education

- Written by Anna Grace Williams, Springhouse Learner - From the perspective of a student who left the public school system, Springhouse Community School has certainly shown me a brighter future of education. I left the public school system itching for the satisfaction of something individualized. School at Springhouse fulfilled more than the urge for my learning to be individualized; it also has given me new opportunities and helped me grow from my weaknesses. Springhouse has helped me enjoy going to school. Published on October 22, 2018

Heart-Centered Education

- Written by Tamra Billand, Springhouse Parent - The current model of education, heavily influenced by the industrial revolution, "has been a practice of standardized conformity that molds kids into shapes that do not reflect the bright star in their heart,” expresses Vince Gowmon. Shonagh Home says, "Our State-run Prussian education system, which is worldwide, is designed to shut down imagination and creative genius, to produce a predicable and compliant populace.” It is time to envision something different than the status quo, something more imaginative and whole that facilitates the subtleties of the heart. Education at Springhouse Community School fosters an AWAKENING of the student thro

My Family's Walking Adventure with the Springhouse Students

- Written by Rachel Troyer, Springhouse Adult Programming Participant - Last year, the Springhouse students and staff embarked on a walking tour of the area, traveling from Floyd to Roanoke along the Blue Ridge Parkway. When I heard about the trip from a staff member, I exclaimed about how fun and challenging it sounded, and she graciously invited me to join the adventure for a day. I am a mother to a five-year-old and an eight-year-old, and we are a home-schooling family, so I asked if our children could come along for the day as well. After some safety and logistics planning, we decided it could work and that we would join the Springhouse walking adventure on the first day. When I told

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Springhouse Community School is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. It is also a community of people with respect for diversity. The school emphasizes the dignity and equality common to all persons and adheres to a strict nondiscrimination policy regarding the treatment of individual faculty, staff, students, family members, volunteers, subcontractors, and vendors. Springhouse is an equal opportunity employer. In accord with federal law and applicable Virginia statutes, the school does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or ancestry, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, political affiliation, disability, or status as a veteran in employment or in any program or activity offered or sponsored by the school.

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