The Power of a Welcoming Smile

- Written by John Mathis, Board Member - I had my first experience with Springhouse when I met up with Kim O’Donnell for coffee when the Red Rooster was the Blackwater Loft. Waiting anxiously on Kim to arrive, my thoughts were racing: Will I have something to contribute? Would they want my opinion? Am I educated enough? Soon at the door, a tall wonderful woman walked through with a smile that put me at ease. We soon huddled around a warm mug of coffee and dove deep into who we were. At every meeting or gathering I attend for Springhouse, that smile still greets me, only now that smile belongs to several different people. Experiencing Springhouse is to feel welcomed, heard, and loved. I look

A Commitment to Lifelong Learning

- Written by Kim O'Donnell, Springhouse Board Chair - At Springhouse Community School, we hold a vision of lifelong learning that encompasses our entire community. As our committed staff are working to creatively reimagine the purpose and practice of education, our school’s Board of Trustees is working to reimagine the kind of leadership that is required in a world that has lost faith in many of its governing institutions. What are our operational values? What are the principles that guide our decision making? How does our work embody the school’s values of connection, creativity, resiliency, individuality, integrity, and trust? As a board, we are committed to exploring ways of working toget

Mentors Scaffold Our Kids to “Do It Scared”

- Written by Kristy Ratcliffe, Springhouse Parent - Our family has an attitude to challenges that boils down to “Do It Scared.” Now, this is different to the shoe company’s “Just Do It.” We don’t just do it, but rather we acknowledge the fears that arise when presented with a challenge, name the fear and see it for what it really is, and then do it when we are ready. The approach applies whether the challenge is something ordinarily scary, like jumping out of a tree into the river, or something big-time scary, like making the leap from homeschooling to institutional schooling or leaving home and moving to the other side of the world. At Springhouse, our children have already been supported t

My Grandson's Transformation

- Written by Rita Hamm, Springhouse Grandparent - Before Springhouse, school was being bullied on a daily basis, tormented to the point of hating school and people, having absolutely no friends, and not even wanting to be around people. After Springhouse, school became a place he actually wanted to go to, where other students were called friends, and people actually asked "How are you today?" and meant it. This transformation was accomplished by a caring staff with great patience, acceptance, and a desire to get to know my student as a person. Springhouse values my student for his strengths - not for what he cannot do, but for what he can do - and builds on that knowledge. With much gratitud

Returning to My Body Through Dance

- Written by Carolyn Reilly, Springhouse Parent - My first experience with Springhouse Community School was participating in the Fall 2017 Sacred Dance class. I’ve always loved dancing, and it had been several years since I’d moved my body to music. I had no idea of the journey ahead. The first class was fascinating - being in a “dance class” so free-form and individual was nothing I’d ever experienced before. Jenny Finn facilitated and guided us through the 5 Rhythms as the music pumped through my ears and out my body. In the midst of the calming, final song, she spoke the words, “With one hand on your belly and one on your heart, tell yourself: ‘I’ve got your back.’” I couldn’t say it to m

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