The Journey of Adolescence...and Adulthood

There is a great and urgent need in our culture for community schools like Springhouse, as young people and their parents, teachers, and mentors confront the realities of the adolescent journey at a time when that journey is fraught with challenge. The adults who love those kids are similarly challenged on their own developmental path. As a member of the Advisory Board who is also a psychologist, educator, and rite-of-passage guide, I know that Springhouse is a place where the journey to a genuine life can grow, and thrive. But if the journey is going to move from the social approval that is so desperately sought at the time of puberty to the self approval in young adulthood that is so criti

Courageous Conversations

At Springhouse Community School we have a class called Courageous Conversations, which focuses on race, racism, and white privilege. As a part of this class we recently went on a trip to Charleston, South Carolina. On the Thursday night of the trip we slept in slave cabins at The Magnolia Plantation. Before sleeping in the cabins we spent several hours sitting by a campfire talking about racism. This conversation was extremely powerful to me. I was one of three students who stayed for the entire conversation. We were up till close to one in the morning. Having the chance to discuss white privilege and racism with a group of African Americans was eye opening for me. We were able to have an op

Much More Than Just a School

Springhouse Community School was everything I had hoped it would be for my daughters, plus so much more. A school, a community, a way of being, and a place to grow and heal together. When my daughters and I came to Springhouse Community School, we were tattered and torn. We had just been through the trauma of losing my husband, their father, to prostate cancer. Up until that point, we had homeschooled for eight years and it was time for a change. Public school was not a viable option for us. Just when we needed it the most, this school opened its doors and it felt like a gift from heaven. Not only was this a school where my daughters could be themselves and follow their learning passions,

The Most Impressive Group of Students

Having served as the Director of the Roanoke Regional Small Business Development Center for more than three years, I have had the opportunity to meet with and speak to a number of high school and college students in their business related classes. Most are attentive and for the most part polite, however I can honestly say that the most impressive group of students that I have had the privilege of speaking with are enrolled at the Springhouse Community School. The students were very engaged, possessed excellent communication skills and were sincerely interested in improving their project based on the feedback I gave them. It was a pleasure to meet and work with such bright, delightful young p

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