The Work of the Hands

As I sit down to reflect for this piece, my hair is still wet from this evening’s Ridgelines swim in the Little River. We were surprised with brilliantly warm weather today and spent the late afternoon hauling tree rounds, splitting wood, and stacking it. Between the dirt, sweat (does your February body still remember sweat?), and a desire to celebrate the completed task, we found the water to be a welcome and playful friend. Half of us entered, the rest were splashed. We’re really beginning to gather a space down by the river. There now exists a tin-roof shelter, a half-cord of firewood, and a set of stairs built into the bank. It’s beautiful what hands and mind can create. My eye sees the

A Teacher's Perspective

I made my way to Springhouse when I was still in college. All that I knew at the time was that I yearned to be a part of a school that was innovative and courageous in the ways in which it encouraged learning. Graduating with a degree in education meant that I had at least 2 years of “teacher training” under my belt, yet none of that could have properly trained me for teaching in such a rigorous and authentic way - a way that refuses to dismiss both my and my learners’ inherent humanness, our capacity to both succeed and fail, and the necessity of both of these. To me, being a teacher at Springhouse means guiding learners through challenges, collaboration, and problem-solving processes in a

Gratitude Circles

Gratitude circles. They’re a common thing at Springhouse. Everyone gathers in a circle and there’s a moment of silence to think about what we are feeling grateful for - one word only. Someone volunteers to start us off with their word, and we move around the circle until everyone has shared. For the uninitiated, this exercise can seem hokey and awkward. One, you are holding hands with people who are not your sweetheart or not a young child in your care. Two, you only have one minute to come up with your word. At my first gratitude circle, my brain scrambled through possibilities. It could only be one word so I wanted it to be good. Peace? No, you are not at a Miss America pageant. Cookies? T

A Breath of Fresh Air

A Breath of Fresh Air: The Positive Effects of Springhouse Community School My daughter has experienced an assortment of educational philosophies, curricula, and teaching methods throughout her schooling experience. She has attended a Montessori school, a charter school based on the principles of Expeditionary Learning, a public one room country schoolhouse in rural Montana, a Waldorf-inspired charter school, a typical public high school, and now Springhouse Community School. I have watched her adapt and grow and generally love school throughout the years. However, for the last two years, she dreaded going to school, her confidence and motivation dwindled, and she began to lose herself and h

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